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How To Merge Cells In Excel

How To Merge Cells In Excel

How to merge cells in Microsoft Excel: Don't let Excel data input frustrate you any longer! VideoJug shows you the easy way to merge cells and make your spreadsheets easy to read and understand.

Hi, my name is Ghamza Jacobs, I'm an IT trainer with New Horizons in London. I'm here today just to show you a couple of cool little tips and tricks on Windows 7 and Office 2010. How to merge cells in Microsoft Excel? Quite often, you may have a heading on your data sheet as you can see the one we are looking at the moment, “Books and Beyond North Eastern Region.

” I've got the heading entered in cell A1, that's the first cell in the spreadsheet. The problem you may encounter with this is, you notice that “Books and Beyond North Eastern Region” falls over pretty nicely over there but the moment I enter anything in the cell next to that, B1, let's enter a zero there, it cuts the heading off. That is because Excel allows text to overflow the cell, so this could cause a bit of problems for you.

You may have a heading there, all it takes is one person just to go into the cell and even hit the space bar. Suddenly, it's gone, because there is something within that cell. So, a much better method to work with your headings would be to center it across, perhaps, all of the data.

So what I'm doing is selecting from cell A1 to I1. There's a very handy button on your ribbon just beneath home in both 2007 and 2010 called merge and center. And you'll notice it's the A with two arrows on either side.

Clicking this button once will center your heading and merge the cell. So that has actually merged our cell into one and centered the heading accordingly. If I click away, and click back to that, that's one big cell now.

So, you can't click next to it and cut that heading off. That's pretty good. Excel 2007 and 2010 do allow extra options around this, notice the A with two arrows on either side, you will see the little screen pop up there.

I can also click on the drop down arrow next to it, and that gives me merge across, merge cells or unmerge cells. So I can even unmerge them over there, taking it back to the way it was. Merge or unmerge.

So, you've got merge and center which is really good for headings or if all you wanted to do was merge two cells, you could even just drop the arrow down next to that that hit merge cells. And that has actually merged those two cells into one now. So just undo that real quick.

Notice it's two individual cells, select them, drop the arrow down and simply merge or as you've seen with the heading, merge and center. That was how to merge cells in Microsoft Excel.