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How To Mix Green Paint

How To Mix Green Paint

Painting is an art which cannot be done by everyone. Mixing of colors is one of the most important steps to make a perfect painting. This video gives a simple demonstration of how you can make different shades of green by mixing different colors.

Hello, my name is Paul Regan and I am from the Insight School of Art in London, and I am going to show you how to mix green paint. Here, I have got lemon yellow, and ultra marine blue. I am going to mix these colors together, blue and yellow makes green.

If I increase the amount of lemon yellow, we get a brighter green. If I increase the amount of ultra marine, I get a darker green. Lemon yellow and ultra marine are really good colors to mix together to make a nice striking bright green for summers day.

If you want to make it a little bit more natural or a bit more autumnal, we can take some light green and we can start adding may be just a tiny bit of red. In this case, I am using glycerin crimson and we still have a green but much more of an earthy autumnal brown green. We can lighten the green by taking some of the green and adding white.

Once again, there is my lemon yellow, there is my ultra marine, and I can start adding some titanium white so that you can see you get a much more limey stronger brighter green which we can also add a little bit of red to it as well to tone it down and make it much more natural, whereas this green here is much more natural green than the pure ultra marine and lemon yellow. We can also tone the green down by using a little bit of brown. In this case, little bit of burnt amber, there's the lemon yellow, which makes quite nice green in itself, little bit of ultra marine, we can add brown as well.

So, you can either add the complementary color which is the other primary colour, red going with yellow, blue or we can add a little bit of brown to the green to turn it down as well. Now, this exercise can be done with lots of different blues and yellows and if you have time, why not get some different yellows and different blues together mix them and see what sort of green you get and see what sort of thing is suitable for . Finally, a really nice green if you want to do nature some constable green take some black, take some of the lemon yellow we have got really some lovely natural olive greens by using those two colors just well black and yellow.

So, there are a few exercises there you might like to try with making greens and want to have a go. .