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How To Mix Grout

How To Mix Grout

Want to know how to grout properly? Then here's a Videojug tutorial featuring an expert from a successful home maintenance company teaching you how to grout.

In this video I am going to show you how to mix up just general purpose short bolt grout . in this instance we are using unibond product in white and the general thump is three parts grout and one part water. By pouring the water in first , just a little bit at a time we are like I can say steer conditions were you are mixing up a small amount to represent part repair just in a grout line between tiles.

So with the water in the bottom of the bowl , I am now just going to pour in good sprinkling of the powder and then just mix it to form smooth white paste and I suppose the consistency that best describes is toothpaste . Don't worry about how it starts to look because you can add more water or more grout any time. Then you should end up with a kind of consistency a bit like toothpaste .

Now if you had experience in grouting you could probably use that as the mixture straight of the best . If it's your first time grouting and you want a little bit of breathing space just tap a tiny bit more water in because the thinner it is the more workable it is and the longer you have to use this and there you go so that's the sort of the next stage really of grouting again it's all about sort of getting to know the products that you are using that is a good kind of mixture for floor tiling and that will give you twenty five minutes probably working time .If you want more make it tiny bit wetter and that will make it slightly easier to use but for the purpose of what we are doing which is small grout lines that's a pretty good consistency and in just case of applying it liberally to the grouting sponge and just working it in to the tile grout , grout lines and just coming straight over the top of them and leaving that to go of and about twenty minutes later you see that the colour is just changed slightly and you will know that at that point you can start polishing out the suitable grouting sponge and that's how to mix tile grout.