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How To Moon Walk

How To Moon Walk

The Moon Walk is one of the most famous dance moves of all time. Done properly the Moon Walk can't fail to impress. Learn how to dance the Michael Jackson way with this simple three minute tutorial on the moon walk technique.

Step 1: You will need

  • A smooth surface
  • Soft dance shoes or trainers
  • Comfortable clothes

Step 2: Starting position

Start with your back straight and your feet together and pointing forward.

Step 3: The L position

Next, lift your right leg and place the toes of your right foot down onto the floor approximately a foot behind your left leg.

Step 4: Balance

If you feel off balance you can increase the width between your legs to create a wider centre of gravity.

Step 5: The slide

Lean back onto your rear leg and slide the left heal back and 'into' the floor so it finishes behind the right leg. At the end of the movement snap the heal of your left foot up off the floor.

TOP TIP: the toes on both feet should never come off the floor, even when your heels do.

Step 6: The snap

As you snap your left heal up off the floor, your right heal should simultaneously snap down onto the floor.

Step 7: Copy

From the finishing position of the last move, duplicate the slide on the other foot.

Step 8: Head

To help create the illusion of the move, add a head movement. As you slide the leg back slowly move your head forward as if it is being left behind the movement and then pull it back towards the body as you switch to the other foot.

Step 9: Arms

To make the step look even better, swing your arms as if you were walking forward normally while keeping them in time with your legs movement. As your left leg slides back your right arm should swing forward.

Step 10: Done

And that's how you do the Moon Walk just like Michael Jackson.