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How To Mount Snowboard Bindings

How To Mount Snowboard Bindings

Mounting bindings to your snowboard can seem like a complicated process but in this how-to video, you will be shown how simple mounting an EST system or a four-pin system can be.

Today, we are going to be going through how to mount bindings onto a snowboard. We have two different types of binding systems within the company. We have the Burton, which is here, which is EST system, a brand new system.

We have got them for about three years. It gets better and better each time around. So, we are going to go through how to mount these for a start.

And then, we have the traditional four pin system which is four holes used here. And this system here, you can see they are marked clearly and you can adjust it to suit yourself as you want to go along. We'll start - what we will do is go for the EST system.

With the EST system, we have two holes here. Okay, you can see the running system. These are actually where the screws go on into the bolt system on the board itself.

Now, a major part of these is we have a singular system here which can be seen. This has the angles on it and also, position of the binding itself. So, this is an amazing system, purely because with this system, we can actually get multiple variations of angles.

The old system, it was always three angles per time. Now, we have individual angles, 1, 2, 3, all the way through to about 27. We can also position this exactly where we want to.

Let me show you a quick demonstration of this. Once the actual holes have been positioned here, you place the binding on. And as you can see, once the screws are set, we have full angle, full spread of the binding without any trouble at all.

Amazing system, only produced by Burton, but you can get other brands of bindings and it will fit this system as well. The other system we have is the general four pin system. This is very, very simple.

What you have is your binding. Here we have the union contact. And you have your four screws, you can see there, which fits on a plate, which goes inside of the binding.

You adjust your angles as such. Everyone's angles are very personal to themselves. Place it on the board and proceed to screw the screws in themselves.

Now, you don't want to do these up too tight because you might actually pop the base but yet you don't screw them up too loose. They may actually come out of the binding and the binding will fall off. Once this has been done, you then place the toe ramp, adjust on top.

Here's one I produced earlier. Here, we have the right crush with a set of Union bindings on here, the Union Forces. As you can see, we have a nice precision angle system on it.

High back is all set up and is all ready for going. Now, with the actual angles themselves, you can see here, we have one foot pointing out and one foot pointing this way. The reason behind this is what we call the duck stance, a very nice easy stance, a majority of people ride with this.

And there is also another couple other questions. Whether you left foot forward or your right foot forward? Or in the industry as we call it, regular or goofy - your best bet to do that is to go into your local Snow Rock or retailer and to actually ask them to help you along with your bindings. This is just a general gist, again, of how to setup your bindings.

If you have got any questions, go and see your local retailer. And that's how you setup your bindings on your snowboard. .