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How To Move Your Hips

How To Move Your Hips

Shaking your hips to the rhythm of music may seem to be a very difficult thing to learn. But this VideoJug film shows you how to do it the easy way, for both boys and girls.

So, now, we are going to shake your hips. For the girls, you probably want to be giving a little bit more energy. For the guys, you probably want to keep it a little more cool, depends what kind of way you are going for.

For those girls, really, you can really afford to make it big. It just gives it a much, much more sort of feminine sort of feel to it. So, we are going to start with our left toe, and we are going to take that hip around, keep it going around.

Okay, now I am going to take it the other way and we are going to swing it around. That's it. Cool.

Now, we are going to do the front tone, both the legs, slightly bend with the feet on the ground, taking it around, get that upper chest going a little bit as well. Okay, now, the other way, again, shake it around, and as you can see, my hips are very loose. Just keeping it really relaxed, just letting the abs do all the work.

Everything is really loose and the legs can kind of get involved as well. For the guys, we are going to make it a lot more rigid. We want to just sort of be, I would say, a lot more masculine.

So, take it around, keeping it slow, almost going under yourself. Micheal Jackson is a pro at this move, good at making the hip shaking look quite masculine. So, taking it round, almost dropping it down - we have seen in Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze does it very well when he is teaching Baby.

Just take it down and keep around. Okay. So, one more time for the girls, remember we are going to make it a lot bit bigger.

So, take the hips around, two, three, four, and the other way, one. For the guys, we are going to drop it down, two, three, four, five, six, seven, other side, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And that's how you shake your hips. .