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How To Needlepoint

How To Needlepoint

Needlepoint is a type of embroidery that dates back thousands of years. By watching this video, you will learn how to create beautiful, hand sewn needlepoint designs using wool thread and a patterned mesh.

Hi, my name is Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamssoeasy.com.

I've been sewing for 15 years and today I'm going to show you some techniques. Today, we are going to do needlepoint. And in needle point, you'll find that it's a meshed material and you get different sizes of mesh.

Now, this particular one is a starter, so the mesh is rather large and we sew with wool. The stitch itself is very simple. You can start with a knot, but I think it's better not to start with a knot.

You bring your needle up through one place and leave some along about an inch or so at the bottom so that it doesn't come through. Then you go to the hole across. Now, if you can notice, there are four squares.

If you take four squares, you go across there and bring the needle down and then again you come up to the next bottom square making sure that the wool underneath is caught so that it doesn't undo. Then you go there, across again, you go across. Again, it is important that you don't pull the wool because it does get rather untied if you pull.

Bring it down, across and you will find that you are going in one direction. You must go in one direction so all the stitches are going from bottom left to top right hand corner. Pull that down then you go to the top.

And the pattern is colour, so you do the reds in the red wool, the blacks and the greens in green and so forth. And at the end of it, if you can see the edge of this it all should be even. To finish it off, you pass it back through some of the stitches, four or five stitches and just pull it through. .