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How To: Odor Removal

How To: Odor Removal

Trouble smell from your carpet? Or did your little furry friend leave a spot on the floor? Watch this video from VideoJug to learn a few helpful hints to getting rid of odors in your carpet.

In this video, we are going to show you how to use three of our favorite ingredients that work wonders for carpet cleaning and getting rid of bad smells. Every household should have the following three ingredients stocked away for emergency purposes: baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice. They certainly cost a lot less than splashing out on expensive cleaning products at your local supermarkets.

Baking soda is quite possibly the best ingredient for removing foul odors in your carpets. Simply sprinkle a generous measure over an odorous stain or cover the entire carpet and let it rest overnight before vacuum cleaning. White vinegar, due to its high acidity, is great for killing bacteria and mold that can produce bad smells.

Create a formula using half a cup of white vinegar and warm water and apply to any area affected by mildew or pet urine. In dire situations involving heavy mildew, you could try using undiluted white vinegar for maximum effect. Blot using a clean white towel until all the moisture is absorbed.

Don't worry too much about strong vinegar odor; it will disappear as soon as the carpet is dried. Lemon also has a high acidity which makes it just as effective as vinegar. Mix lemon juice with water and apply to the area that is causing the smell.

Remember that the key to preventing these odors is to act immediately when a spill occurs or if you catch your pet answering nature's call in the corner of your living room. Remember that the key to preventing these odors is to act immediately when the spill occurs. Simply shake and vacuum baking soda or create a homemade remedy for cleaning carpets using white vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water.

Always make sure that you dry the carpet thoroughly using a clean white towel. And that's how to get rid of odors.