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How To Open XLSX File

How To Open XLSX File

The XLSX file format is new format for saving your Excel documents in Office 2007 and Office 2010. Learn how to open these files easily with Office 2003 with this 3-minute video from VideoJug.

Hi, my name is Ghamza Jacob. I am an IT trainer with New Horizons in London. I am here today to show a couple of cool tips and tricks on Windows 7 and Office 2010.

How to open an XLSX file? Microsoft Excel has predominantly had the file type .xls. This has been the case since the 1997 version of office.

This was carried out all the way through 2003 with the introduction of 2007 and now continuing in Office 2010. Microsoft have changed the file type to .xlsx, adding an x at the end.

Now the x at the end stands for Xml. It enables many of the fantastic new features that we have in Microsoft Excel. It is a lot more secure, it's modular and so a lot more stable.

Your files will also be a lot more smaller. I advice many people to move up between versions of Microsoft Office. If you are using a new version of Office 2007 or 2010, try and use the XLSX.

The only problem is that sometimes if I create a XLSX file in my shiny new office 2010, as you can see at the top I have got XLSX. Trying to open this particular file in 2003 may be a little bit of problem because 2003 does not understand the XLSX format natively. Now, let's have a look at this.

I have got 2003 up over here. I am going to go to open, and there is my shipping file. Now one point to understand is that your 2003 version can recognize your XLSX as long as you have got the Microsoft compatibility 2 pack installed.

The Microsoft compatibility 2 pack. I have got the website open over here. If you go to microsoft.

com and just search for Office compatibility 2 pack or Office compatibility pack on its own. It is a tiny download. I say tiny but its 37 minutes.

You download that and install that file format converter as .exe file. This will then happen if you install it.

I have installed on this side. Now look what happens. I try and open it, it will take a moment.

It converts the file. What it does here is that it converts the file to XLS (in a temporary location) and then opens it. That is how it easily opens a XLSX file in 2003.

Remember, get the compatibility pack, you will then be able to open all of the files in the new file format. That was how to open up a XLSX files in Office 2003.