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How To Operate The Wii Classic Controller

How To Operate The Wii Classic Controller

Introducing the Nintendo Classic Game Controller for Nintendo Wii. This short video clip demonstrates how to use the classic controller. First, Nintendo Wii brought the gesture controller, now, say hello to CLASSIC!

Nintendo Wii is famous for its Wii remote controller, but some games don't necessarily suit gesture controls and they've released the classic controller as an alternative means of controlling a game. I'm going to talk you through the ins and outs of using it. Unlike the Game Cube controller, the classic controller doesn't plug into a physical port on the Wii.

Instead, you are to take your Wii remote and plug it into the port at the back. This means you can use the controller wirelessly. The classic controller has some buttons which will be familiar on the Wii remote, it has a D pad for directions, the Wii home button, and A and B.

But in addition, it has joystick controls which are used for first person shooter games, and on the top, it has a series of trigger buttons. There are certain games that you can use a classic controller with. If it's a game that supports the classic controller, it has this symbol on the back of the box.

There you go, I've introduced the classic controller and how to use it with the Nintendo Wii. .