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How To Paint Blood Angels

How To Paint Blood Angels

In painting a blood angel, you have to use the right kind of paints to colour the figure and also coat it with the right techniques which you can learn from an expert.

I'm going to show you how to do a blood angel space marine now. I've got the figure here. It's been under-coated with the astronomical grey already.

I've not put paint on the place where the arms are going to go. It's quite important that you do that and obviously leave no paint on the back there because that pack is going to go on and so you need the bomb to the plastic rather than to the paint, but that figure's there, basically I'm going to give it a coat of this blood red. I've not used the paint for a while, make sure you give it a shake, that also I find this handy because basically, it will transfer a bit of paint into the lid there which you can use as a little palette.

This grey colour is high pigment colour so you maybe need to water it down a bit more than if you are undercoating with the black but, I mean, it covers really well. Put a little bit of red onto the palette and that will just keep that at red and it can be watered down this, you don't want to add the paint on to the figure with paint straight out of the pot, it's going to be too thick and it will start filling in fine details if you do a number of coats of thick paint on to the figure then the fine details will start filling in so I'm just literally going to paint the whole of the figure in this red. You can see there, it's being a bit thick so I'm just going to add a little bit of water, that paint.

So, I'm basically going to colour the whole figure in with this first coat of blood red. Okay. I've got basically this blood angel, has been undercoated and given a wash of blood red.

The next thing I'm going to do to it is I'll show you a technique also which is called 'wash'. I'm using this dark flesh colour which isn't actually red at all. It's brown.

But what I'm going to do is you don't need to use particularly a good quality brush for this because you are taking this brown paint and literally turning in to very watery consistency like that. And as already you can see where I've just done it here, that red is now being toned down and because the brown is so translucent, transparent, it's not turning it brown, it's actually keeping it red and that brown is sort of behaving like a red colour. So, that's a wash technique and also how to get on with all the details of the face suddenly reappear from just a massive red nothingness, you can suddenly see those eyes and this mess bit again, because that brown paint is washed into those.

So that's basically how to do a wash on a blood angel. .