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How To Paint Copper Piping

How To Paint Copper Piping

This is an instructional video showing how to paint copper piping. It is ideal if you have new radiators installed and want them to match your room.

My name's Tom, I work for Aspect Maintenance and I'm going to show you how to paint copper piping as you might find on a newly installed radiator, for example. You usually have copper piping coming up from the floor going to the radiator and if it's a new radiator, obviously it's bear copper, you would usually want it to be finished in white, eggshell or gloss or satin or something like that. Before you can put your finish coat on, you need to prime the copper piping so if you imagine this is a radiator pipe.

This is how it's going to look once it's been fitted. Before you can put your eggshell or gloss on top, you need to prime that with an appropriate primer. What I'm using here is a zinser primer, which is this one here.

It basically paints over wood, metal, concrete, formica, anything like that. It will stick to and once it's been properly primed, you can over paint that surface with whatever finish you like. This is your copper pipe for the radiator, you just need to brush the zinser on, you can get another sort of metal primer, there are various other ones on the market but this one's particularly good as it dries very solid and it covers nicely and it dries in about 45 minutes.

So in 45 minutes, you can come back to it and you can put an undercoat on and a topcoat and it's basically finished. So that is how we would paint copper piping. .