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How To Paint Fine Lines

How To Paint Fine Lines

This Videojug film is designed to teach you how to improve your art techniques and to paint fine lines.

Today I'm going to teach you about painting and drawing. In this container, the clay one, I've got some white spirits. I'm going to dip a very fine- this is Sable.

So Sable brushes they make a very fine tip. You dip the white spirits. You bring a bit of the white spirits onto the paint in there and you mix it in such a way that the paint becomes liquid.

If the paint isn't fine, if it's thick, you won't be able to do fine lines. They'll be too thick. Now before you start painting you need to, against the palm of your hand, I mean, that's how I do it.

It can be against anything really. You should remove some of the excess. Now we're ready to go.

Please hold the brush as low down as possible. Please look near and you're ready to start painting fine lines. Now as you can see, not only the line is fine and crisp, but also the grounds is very coarse.

If you were painting on a smooth ground it would have been even finer and crisper. Now as you can see, conventional canvases are way too course to paint hair. So if you really want to paint hair like hyper realistically or photo realistically you must have very smooth ground.

The best one is gesso wooden panels. So you get wooden boards, you cover it with gesso, you sand it, and it's ready to go. .