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How To Paint MDF

How To Paint MDF

Expert advice on how to paint MDF with this video presentation from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.

All right, my name is Tom. I work for Aspect Maintenance and I am going to show you how to paint MDF board. First thing to do is to make sure it gets dusted off.

When it is cut to size it gets a lot of dust on the background. It tends to stick to the wood. Make sure you have dusted that off nice and thoroughly.

Once you've done that it is always going to need priming before you can put any kind of paint on it whether you are putting oil based undercoat or top coat or emulsion. You must prime the MDF first. So get your primer ready and if it is a relatively large surface area use a mini-roller like this or you could even use a bigger roller if it is a whole wall or something like that.

You just want to work the primer into the MDF until you get a nice solid white finish. The primer itself will usually dry and be ready to over-paint in twenty minutes to half an hour. So once you have done the priming leave it to dry and remember a tip with MDF is if you are going to see the edges always put a couple of coats of primer on the edges--the bare edges--because that is quite porous and it tends to soak in the paint.

It looks quite barren unless you put several coats on it. Once you've primed it you are ready to go. So that is how you paint MDF board.