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How To Paint Roses

How To Paint Roses

In this short video, Lyn Stone, a professional illustrator, shows you how to prepare your paper before you paint a beautiful rose.

You will need one piece of paper, paint brushes, water colours, a flat board and gum tape. Take your piece of paper and soak it in cold water for 1 minute. Remove paper and place on board completely flat.

Remove excess water. Then, take the gum tape and soak in water and place along the edges of the paper to the board and allow to dry for 24 hours. There will be buckling while drying but do not worry, it will eventually dry flat.

By doing this, you prevent the paper from buckling while it dries once you have finished your painting. Now, you can throw as much water and paint as you would like at the paper and it won't buckle. Once dried, you can begin to paint.

Once you have sketched your rose, you can begin by starting at the edges and fanning your way out. The more layers, the darker your colours will become. By adding like colours of different shades, you will add more depth to your flower. .