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How To Paint Warhammer Miniatures

How To Paint Warhammer Miniatures

Warhammer is a world-renowned tabletop game. Get your facts straight and get started in no time with this step-by-step tutorial on how to paint Warhammer miniature figures.

Warhammer is the tabletop game which is played with these games workshop miniatures, and what I'm going to do is show you how to start from scratch with these figures, put them together and paint them. These figures are white metal. The figures are just a single piece.

There is no assembly required, apart from putting the little shield on the back. But then, you can go right up to kits like this, which are rather more complicated and give the person who's making the kit an awful lot of choice about how they do it. So, I'm going to show you how to paint this Warhammer figure.

With some of the Warhammer figures that are armies, obviously, they will all be wearing a uniform, so you will do each colour the uniform way. But with a figure like this which is just a unique figure, you're pretty much free to do whatever colour you like. So I've just put that flesh colour onto the face there.

I'm going to do the hands as well while I'm doing the flesh. If you're doing colours which are repeated over the body, then you're best to do all those colours in one go, otherwise you're going to end up with different styles. So if you're doing the flesh, do the flesh all in one go, so you remember how you've done it, so you're going to do it the same every time so it looks uniform.

So, I just painted this area black. I'm going to let that dry and then I'll show you with that little area there, how to make a metallic colour onto this which would be used for, sort of, chain mail armour. Basically, you don't want to use a good brush, because this is a similar technique to the dry brushing, so basically you're taking a bit of this metallic silver colour and getting the majority of it off the brush.

So you can see, if you paint on your finger, it's just literally highlighting. So, I'm just going to drag the brush across that area there and it's highlighting the edges of the metallic chain mail but not going into the recesses. You wouldn't paint it all silver because it's just going to look like a big silver blob, but that's showing the highlighted area there.

And that's how you paint Warhammer miniatures. .