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How To Paint With Glaze

How To Paint With Glaze

In this video, you will learn how to use oil paints to paint with glaze. You can use opaque and transparent types of oil paints to achieve this effect in your paintings. You will also learn some simple techniques to create glowing quality and paint with precision.

As you can see here, behind the tube of oil paints, you have squares. In there, you've got a black solid square, and in there, you've got a white square that is the same color as the background. Now, what does that mean? In this tube, the pigment is opaque.

That means it's not see-through. In that tube over here, the white square, same color as the background means the pigment is transparent. If it's transparent, it means you can create tinted varnishes that will allow everything to show through just like a jewel would.

So you can achieve jewel-like qualities. Let's remove these, and let's start now by mixing some glazing medium. This is a very baroque technique.

Let's mix some of the green into the glazing medium, and now you get a tinted varnish. It's not a varnish, but let's use that word so you'll understand. Now, let's move into the canvas, and I'm going to spread some of this very dark green.

It looks terribly dark on the brush, but as you can see as you spread it, you'll start getting a jewel-like quality to the paint where it seems to glow through. Now, this is the chosen or liked technique by great masters from the past. When you look at the old masterpieces, they all seem to possess this dark but glowing color effect.

Now let's make why not some brown Iris. What you have here is a dark substrate so I've painted a bit of the canvas black, let it dry. I've painted some highlight with white paint, let it dry and then you can glaze it over and that can show the color in the eye.

As like with everything, if you overdo it, it kills the effect. If that happens as it did, you can always thin it a little bit further and you will have the white showing through again. If you use this glazing technique in your Iris, as you paint the Iris you'll have a jewel-like glowing quality in the expression of your painting.

Don't forget that if you're painting a real Iris, you might have a problem with the scale of it. It's a very small shape, so please, always hold your brush near the tip for maximum precision. Look near and that way, you'll be able to paint tiny little shapes, as small as necessary. .