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How To Parallel Ski

How To Parallel Ski

These two guys are going to give you tips on how to parallel ski. With this video, you'll be parallel skiing the slopes in no time.

So, today, we're going to take you through parallel skiing. So, step one is going to be power parallel. For this, there are two main stages.

What we're going to do is in your arch of your turn, you're going to first start off by plowing into the turn and then stepping that inside leg in to form the parallel as you come around. The second stage is going to be doing it at the start of your turn so you may snow plow across the slope and then, step that inside leg in to make the majority of the turn with your parallel skis. So, to do this, we're just going to get Duncan to explain this with a little demo and hope you guys will be able to see this in action.

So, state two is paralleling the whole way around. For this, you may snow plow across the slope and then, step your foot straight in to complete the whole turn. So, keep your focus on your movement, moving down into the turn and keep a stable stance.

This will help you complete the turn a lot easier. If you stand really tall, you're going to fall over, so you don't want that, okay. And that's how to parallel ski. .