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How To Pass In Basketball

How To Pass In Basketball

Passing is the fastest and most efficient method to get the basketball to open players around the court. There is no better way to make a defense work than by passing the basketball around on offense. These steps will show you which types of passes to use in some common situations.

Step 1: Perimeter Chest Passing

Chest passes are usually used to work the ball around the perimeter of the basketball court. Once you know that you teammate is looking for the pass and they are open you will want to hold the basketball chest high with your fingers spread comfortably across the ball. With your thumbs pointing down, push off with your back foot. Take a step with your front foot towards your teammate, and extend your arms. Aim the pass at your teammates outside arm so that the defense doesn't have a chance to steal the ball and score an easy bucket on the other end.

Step 2: Bounce And Overhead

Bounce passes and overhead passes are a great tool to use to get the basketball inside or underneath the basket. The bounce pass is thrown by spreading your fingers firmly around the basketball, thumbs a couple of inches apart at the bottom. This pass gets its power from the flick of your wrists and fingers. Backspin is put on the basketball as you go from thumbs up to a thumbs down release position. This backspin makes the ball easier to catch. The basketball must hit the floor at least three-quarters of the distance to your receiver. It should come up to him at his thighs and waist. The overhead pass should be thrown by holding the ball over your head and slightly back of the center of your head but never behind your head. Pass the basketball over your defender and high to your teammate's hands.