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How To Perform A Spiritual House Cleansing

How To Perform A Spiritual House Cleansing

Videojug demonstrates a couple of methods to spiritually cleanse your house if you feel some negative energy there interfering with your daily life. Cleansing requires lighting smudge sticks and meditation to move undesirable energy away from the room. If you don't like to use smudge sticks, you may choose to clap the energy away. Watch this video to discover another method of cleansing by using crystals.

Hello, I'm going to tell you in this video how you can spiritually cleanse your house. Maybe you want to cleanse it because you've just moved, it's got the energy of the previous tenants in there. Or maybe you feel that there is a spirit connecting with you and you want to move that spirit out of your house.

Maybe there has been an atmosphere there that you don't typically like. Whatever the reason, I'm going to show you now simply and easily how you can cleanse your house. First of all, you need to need to do it a room at a time.

Go into the room that you like to cleanse first and open the window. You may need one of these, which is a smudge stick from North American Indians and you can buy these quite easily in any spiritual shop. Usually, they are made of sage, and they smoulder and give off a smoke that's quite pungent.

So, if you light them, just let them smoulder and be careful that when you finish with them, you dump them in some water to put them out. You may need a just stick if you haven't got a smudge stick. A normal just stick is quite good for this.

Obviously, you light the just stick, and again, you let the smoke just weft as you light it. So, you go into the room and you take a smudge stick or you take your just stick and you go into each corner of the room. And just allow smoke to weft up each corner.

Just allow that smoke to weft up each corner of the room. Then, in your mind, ask the entity, the spirit or the energy that you don't want there anymore, just to move out of the room and go out of the window. Another method you can use is to clap up the corners of the room.

Literally, you can just clap and you can feel your hands up the corners of the room. When you stop, you'll hear it's quite shoddy and dull. But as you keep clapping up, the energy gets taken out of the way and you seem to have a clearer and sharper clapping noise that goes up the corner.

So, try that if you do not wish to use a smudge stick or a just stick. What you can also do is to have a selection of crystals as well in the room and some people like to leave them at the window ledge or in the corners. You can have an amethyst, a rose quartz, smoky quartz and this is bit, this is good for abundance, wealth, health and other things like that.

So, you can put whatever crystals you like in the corner of the room on the window ledge. If you find if you've got a particularly strong energy in the room that you want to cleanse, what you do is buy some rock salt or some sea salt, put it in a bowl and in the bowl, you place over the top, a quartz crystal. This one is rose quartz, balance it on top of the salt, leave it overnight and in the morning, empty the salt away, away from the house, either bury it or put it in a bin.

You then wash the crystal with salt water or just plain water and put the crystal in sunlight. And that helps take away the excess energy that's there that you don't want anymore. And that is how you spiritually cleanse your house.