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How To Perform Cupping Therapy

How To Perform Cupping Therapy

Chinese medicine has been used for hundreds and thousands of years before our time. Tim Sullivan gives us a brief look into the old practice that is still in use in some areas of the world today!

Welcome to How to Perform Cupping Therapy. Today, we're going to be doing cupping on this gentleman who's presenting with an old sports injury. Cupping therapy is very good for stagnant pain from sports-related injuries, and in this situation, we can apply some cups over the local area and what you should notice is that where the cups have been placed, you're going to get these big circles that can last on the body for a long time.

So, it is very important that we get permission from the person we're doing cupping on to make sure they are aware of this possibility. Cupping marks generally last about three to four days and can last up to a week, but generally speaking, three to four days is fairly common. And the cupping mask can also be used as a form of diagnosis to see what's going on in the general area as well.

So, I'm going to get a piece of cotton ball and some lockable forceps and soak it in surgical spirits, making sure that the excess spirit is rubbed away. We'll close the bottle before lighting it, because it's a fire hazard, and what we're going to do is we are going to use the flame to create a vacuum in the cup and then use that to apply it to the skin. So, here we go.

So, we're going to use smaller cups around the big, bony joints, and the bigger cups to work on the large areas where there is more flesh.The effect of having suction on the skin is going to pull blood deep down to the surface of the body and also start nourishing muscles that have been very tight and adhered for a long period of time. So, particularly for sports injuries and long-term injuries, it can provide to be a very valuable form of treatment.

Bear in mind, it is very important within all forms of Chinese medicine that you have a full diagnosis, so it's not applied universally for everybody, and can be performed slightly differently in different situations for different diagnoses. So, we've left the cups on for about 20 minutes and already we can see there's some nice purple coming through from these areas here, which is showing us where the most accumulation has happened in the muscles where there is the least blood flow through. So, we're just going to take the cups off now.

So it may look as though he had been attacked by an octopus, but we can see that, if we just turn around slightly, this is particular, this area is where the most stagnation is, and so it'd be an area where we'd want to look at in the future, and then we can work with Tui Na acupuncture, and so on, and so forth, or he can work and treat himself with things. This is how to perform cupping therapy. .