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How To Perform The Trapped Bill Bar Trick

How To Perform The Trapped Bill Bar Trick

This great bar trick for winning beers, and impressing your mates.Find more Bar Tricks at: http://easybartricks.com/the-trapped-bill-great-bar-trick.html We have many other Bar Tricks. All Bar Tricks are on video at www.EasyBarTricks.com

Step 1: Introduction

Hi, and welcome to another video presentation from EasyBarTricks.com. In this video, I will show you a very spectacular bar trick. What you'll need is two beer bottles and a bill.

Step 2: Bar Trick Explained

As you can see, the bill is trapped in between the two beer bottles, and the challenge is to remove the bill without any of the bottles falling over. You can only touch the bill, and any of the bottles. If you want to make a bet out of it, just bet that you can do it and that no-one else can.

Now I'll perform the trick, and afterwards I'll explain to you how to do it. So, here we go.

Step 3: Bar Trick Technique

Here's the technique that you need to perform this bar trick. First of all, it's important how you place the bill, or how you place the bottles. The bottles have to, or the top bottle has to be, right on top of the bottle below. If it's just a little to the side, the chances are that it might fall.

So when you place the bill, put the bill in between and place the top bottle above the other one, and then you can use your thumb and index finger to just bend the bill a little bit so that you can feel the edges of the bottle, and that will make it possible for you to place the top bottle right above the bottle below, like so.

OK, now you're ready to take the bill, and this is the important part. You need a good speed to remove it, and the way that you get that speed is that you will hit the bill with your right hand's index finger.Your left hand will just be holding on to the bill. That is all that hand will be doing. Don't push or pull or do anything with your left hand. Just hold onto the bill, that's all.

o, what I like to do is form a small valley here, it seems to work well, and then you have something to aim for, a valley here that fits your index finger. And then you just hit, into that valley, as fast as you can. It goes like this.And when you hit it really hard, you get that speed you need to remove the bill. So, basically this is the technique to remove the bill that is trapped in between the two bottles.

Step 4: Perform

I hope that you will have fun with this bar trick, I know that I have. So, play around with it at home, and when you've got it go out and perform it.