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How To Perm Hair

How To Perm Hair

Ever wanted to learn how to perm your hair and look great? A permed hairstyle will leave you feeling fabulous. Watch this video and learn step-by-step how to perm your hair.

Hello, my name's Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon on Charlotte St., London. How to perm hair; now today, this is Gold, who's a stylist at the Andrew Jose Salon.

Hi, Gold.
Gold: Hello.
Andrew Jose: Now, today you're going to be showing us .

what type of curl are we going to be seeing?
Gold: What we're going to try to achieve is a very loose ring.

Andrew: Now, I'm very interested because I know there's a lot of tension and technique that goes in now. So, let's see you put a couple of rollers in.
Gold: I'm just trying to get the ends of it quite smoothly rolled into the hair.

Not too much of a tension, okay.
Andrew: Now, you started on the larger green.
Gold: Yes.

Andrew: And is that because it's around the face?
Gold: Yes, it is. Just to give it a more soft feel at the front because that's less where her sleeve would be.
Andrew: Okay, very good.

So it's quite a lot of tension, quite clean-looking into the section.
Gold: That's right.
Andrew: Okay, so we've seen now the first three rods.

You're alternating this, and you're going to carry that right the way through.
Gold: That's right.
Andrew: Fantastic, we look forward to seeing the finished result .

So this is the neutralizing process; this is the point the hair is then formed, set in place.

The hair is then left for five minutes or so. The rollers are taken out, and the next thing we'll see is the finished result . So here we have the finished result of the curl after the neutralizing. You can see that we've gone from very, very straight hair to now; we've got tons of soft movement all the way through it.

The hair feels very soft to the touch, it's very easy to run my fingers through, so in fact the condition of the hair still feels absolutely fantastic. Drying, now. We take a dry with the diffuser attachment, slow-speed which is essential; slow-speed, maximum heat, and then just give a supported dry to the hair. Cindy's hair has gone from being completely straight hair. we now we have a gentle, soft wave, a soft top, wound from the ends of the hairs so that you have this gentle movement all the way through the hair. It's got a great bounce to it, and I would expect this to last well to three or four months, just gently easing away back into hair which still has a great body.

So, a great success.