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How To Pierce A Nail

How To Pierce A Nail

Nail piercing has fast become a popular way to accessorize. This short guide will help you to pierce nails at home without cracking or breakages.

Hi, my name is Reena, I'm from Nail Creations. I'm going to show you how to create nail line designs, nice and simple. I'd like to show you how to pierce a nail, we've actually got a French tip on this one, so the best thing to do, we've done the artwork, everything's ready, best thing to do is to turn the finger over, position it on a soft surface, get your piercing tool, position it in the centre where you would actually like the piercing to be.

Make sure it is not so close to the actual tip of the finger because then it can split and it can open up, and you won't be able to get your piercing through, so you've got to go a little bit deeper, make sure it's central if you do want it in the middle and then, you're going to use your tool, press down and just rotate it until you hit the other side. That's gone through, and then just rotate it the other side. There we are.

And then you can clean this up, make sure it goes through - that's you're piercing, just make sure there's no dust around there. And then, we're going to put the gem, and we're going to position it there. Because of my nails, I couldn't clip it through, so I've got my assistant to clip it through.

And that's how you pierce a nail, and you add the gems on to it. .