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How To Place A Forecast Or Tricast Bet

How To Place A Forecast Or Tricast Bet

If you fancy yourself a horse racing guru, you may fancy your chances at pulling off these bets, where you have to predict the order that two or more horses finish in a race. Learn how to place A forecast or tricast bet.

Step 1: Forecast

This type of bet is a way of trying to win a lot of money with a small stake. Rather than just betting on a horse to win, with a forecast bet you are also betting on which horse finishes second. It is quite rare that a forecast bet comes off, so odds can be as large as 100 or 150 to 1. To write a forecast bet on a betting slip, write your stake, followed by the numbers of the two horses, and then write 'forecast' or just 'FC'.

Step 2: Dual-forecast

If you are not sure which of your two horses is going to win, but you are certain that your two horses are going to finish first and second, you can hedge your bets with a dual forecast. This means you are placing two stakes, one on each combination of first and second.

Step 3: Tricast

In a race with a small field, a popular bet is to try and predict the horses that come first, second and third, in that order, with a tricast. This a very difficult bet to pull off, so it is advisable to place a very small amount of money on a tricast, as a fun bet that could give you a great return.