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How To Place An Accumulator Bet

How To Place An Accumulator Bet

If you have a list of dead certs you want to bet on, you can roll all of your bets into one, and potentially earn a lot of money for a little stake. So place an accumulator bet on today, and win big!

Step 1: Accumulator basics

Look at every single race meeting for the day, and choose all the horses that you think will win.

Step 2: Writing the betting slip

Put the horses on your betting slip, and line them up one after the other all the way down the slip.

Step 3: If you win

An accumulator is a bet that involves placing multiple bets from a day's race card, and linking them together. If all of your bets win, your stake earns the cumulative odds, potentially giving you a large payout for a small stake. Remember though, if one horse loses, the entire accumulator bet has failed, and you lose your money.