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How To Place An Each Way Bet

How To Place An Each Way Bet

This bet is ideal if you fancy a horse to do well, but not necessarily to win. Place an each way bet both on the win, and for the horse to come placed. Watch the video to learn more about this popular bet.

Step 1: Read the race card

Check through the horses running in the race you want to bet on. If you see a horse that you think will come in the first three, but are not sure whether it will win, an each way bet is a good option.

Step 2: Write down your stake

An each way bet means that you are placing two equal stakes, one for the horse to win, the other for it to come in the top few places. A £5 each way bet equals £10 in total. Write £5 and 'each way' or 'ew'.

Step 3: Write down your horse

Put your selection next to your stake.

Step 4: Time and meeting

Write down the time of the race and where the race is being run.

Step 5: Total stake

Write in your total stake at the bottom of the slip, so for a £5 each way bet, you would write £10.

Step 6: If your horse wins

A winning horse on an each way bet means that both of your stakes are winners. Not only do you get your £5 bet on the win, but also a quarter of the odds for your second each way stake, as well as your original stakes back.

Step 7: If your horse comes second or third

Although the half of your stake on the win is lost, you still get a quarter of the odds on your other each way stake, plus the each way stake back. To get a decent return on an each way bet, it is best to only place money on odds 4 to 1 or above.