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How To Plan A Las Vegas Wedding

How To Plan A Las Vegas Wedding

Two wedding boutique owners discuss the possibilities available if you think you might like to have your wedding in Las Vegas.

Hi. I'm Ellie. And I'm Charlotte, and we run a wedding boutique.

Today, we're going to talk to you about how to plan your wedding. Planning a Las Vegas wedding? I'm not sure you need to actually plan a Las Vegas wedding. You can just rock up and you can be married within twenty minutes by Elvis, if you fancy.

The whole point of it is embracing the whole atmosphere of Las Vegas and the casino. And it's sort of more of an alternative wedding, so if you've got sort of family politics or things like that, and you just want to get away from everything, just the two of you, get a flight there and get married. I think it's more of a sort of fly by the seat of your pants kind of wedding.

Then sort of, if you really can't face planning a really traditional wedding, then this is your perfect alternative, I think. Yes. So if you do want to embrace spontaneity and not plan anything, but you kind of want some aspect and a focus and you still want your wedding to be remembered, then I think a Las Vegas wedding is the way to go.

You can really get some amazing hotels out there. Embrace the fact you can stay up all night playing blackjack. You can grab witnesses off the street, or you could simply just take a few friends with you and go for a really great weekend.

The one thing that you can do if you're getting married in Las Vegas is go to town with your outfit. You don't need to wear ivory; you don't need to have a traditional style of wedding dress or morning suit. You can decide what sort of era you want to wear, so maybe sort of like a 1950's sort of fantastic dress with bright red lipstick, and maybe your Teddy Boy sort of suit, that kind of thing.

So I think that you can really go to town with sort of working out what alternative dress code you're going to wear. And just relish the fact that you don't have to wear white or ivory. You don't have to wear a veil.

Maybe you could get sort of like a pink veil or something. So I think that's a really fun element of getting married in Las Vegas. So, the rules of planning a Las Vegas wedding? There are no rules.

Enjoy it. .