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How To Plan A Romantic Wedding

How To Plan A Romantic Wedding

If you are getting married and want to know how to have a romantic wedding, watch this video. This video will give you hints about everything from the right fabric for your dress, to the way you should wear your hair to make your wedding come across as romantic as possible!

Hi, I'm Ellie and I'm Charlotte, and we run a wedding boutique and today, we are going to talk to you about how to plan your wedding. If you are a traditional romantic person and you want your wedding to be very romantic, then you really need to decide your definition of romantic. Some people, it's a horse drawn carriage, other people, it is a classic car, true too, a really modern sports car.

Any of those can be romantic if it's reflective of you and your personality. I think the main thing to think about is the softness of everything. So really, when I think about romance, I think about fabric and I think this is the key thing.

Deciding what dress you're going to have really reflects if you have that romantic feel. Rippling down through this dress is Georgette and then, we have a Crepe bottom and it sort of encompasses a real romantic feel about it. It's almost like you found the dress in your Granny's chest or something and took it out and put it on for the day and decided to get married.

It's that whole sort of feel of romance almost running through the field. So, something not structured, I think, is the key thing and this can be reflective in your flower girls as well. The laces for the netting, really pretty little bows, you know, the hair and ringlets, so all that sort of softness and romance really.

Yes, soft and floaty and you know roses are very romantic. Yes. All different shades and I think it is just about having quite a neutral sort of ivory palette with a little bit of hint here and there.

The food can be anything really to make it romantic. I think it's mostly about the feel that the guests have when they enter the venue. That everything is soft and neutral and extra thought about, sort of floaty fabrics and nice smells and candles and things like that.

So really the food can be anything. The venue as well, the venue can be anything, I think it is just how you dress it. Your cake can be very soft again, I think everything just needs to be very neutral and ivory with a hint of color really and it's all about the fabric use and draping.

So really, it's all about what you wear and how you pull the dress off and how you have your hair. Quite low, you know you don't really want a really tight hair style. I think it's all about softness, a bit sort of falling down, a bit ringlet-ty, fuzzy around the edges.

And that's how you plan your romantic wedding. .