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How To Plan A Western Wedding

How To Plan A Western Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if you are planning a themed wedding. If you are thinking about a Western theme, this video from VideoJug will give you all the tips you need to plan your Western themed wedding.

Hi, I'm Ellie. And I'm Charlotte, and we run a wedding boutique. Today, were going to talk to you about how to plan your wedding.

If you're thinking about planning a Western themed wedding, you need to decide how far you're going to take the Western theme. Is it to the whole congregation where they have to wear cowboy hats and Western sort of checked shirts and jeans, or is it just sort of essence of it in terms of the barn, hay bales, line dancing, etc? So once you've established that, you need to think about what kind of atmosphere you're going to create. So thinking about a Western wedding, you need to think about, it's not your sort of more traditional style wedding, it's a lot more relaxed.

So think about maybe having trestle tables rather than sort of formal top tables. Think about the menu of the wedding, I think that's really important, because it's sort of more rustic. Maybe like a barbeque or hook roast.

Yes, so where people actually go up and serve themselves and all sit down. So it's kind of that more sort of relaxed atmosphere, I think. And then obviously, you need to be thinking about the line dancing.

Do you actually get a teacher to sort of you know have a microphone and everything and actually direction everyone on the line dancing? So then everyone knows what they're doing which that should be quite fun. Or maybe you just do it for your first dance, it's just the two of you, and you just have sort of Western style music being played. If you're going to do it for all your guests as well, don't forget to give the ladies the heads-up and tell them to bring some comfy shoes for dancing in.

Yes, that's a good point actually. So really, it's about you know, you need to think about what you're going to wear as well so you don't want your sort of traditional kind of meringue style wedding dress. You want something maybe sort of three-quarter length or something that reflects sort of Western sort of theme and whether your groom is going to be wearing cowboy hat.

You know like Charlotte was saying how far down the line are you actually going to use the Western theme. Or is it just about having that kind of hay bales, barbeque, you know, barn, and yes, some music in the background? And you can think about little quirky details again for your favors, invitations, the lighting, what you call your seat names. So really at this stage, you need to decide how far you're going to go down the Western theme.

And that's how you plan your Western wedding. .