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How To Plant A Window Box

How To Plant A Window Box

How To Plant A Window Box. Steve Redman from Holland Park in London takes you through the technique of planting a window box. For more basic information watch 'An introduction to planting in containers'.

Step 1: You will need

  • A window box
  • Gravel or clean crocks - these are pieces of broken pottery which are placed at the bottom of the container to prevent water logging. You can also use pieces of polystyrene.
  • Multi-purpose or container compost
  • Plants of your choice
  • A watering can with a rose attachment
  • You may need a trowel to part the soil if you are using an old window box
  • You can also use slow release fertiliser and water retaining crystals to help the plants survive

Step 2: Choose the plants

When buying your plants check the foliage is green and healthy, and avoid any with yellow, dead or damaged leaves. The plant should easily be removed from it's container, and the compost should be moist and stay together when you remove the root ball.

Step 3: Prepare the container

Cover the base of the container with a layer of crocks. Add a layer of compost and a layer of gravel for extra drainage. Add more compost until the container is three quarters full. Steve recommends mixing in a small handful of slow release fertiliser and water retaining crystals to nourish your plants.

Step 4: Plant

Gently remove each plant from it's pot, being careful not to disturb the roots. Part the compost with your hands and place the plant in the compost, so the level of the top of the compost is about 2 centimetres below the rim of the container. Add more compost around the plants to fill the gaps. Gently draw the compost around the plant, and use the ends of your fingers and thumbs to press it down. Tulip bulbs should be planted alternately between the plants. For more information see VideoJug's 'How to plant tulip bulbs'.

Step 5: Water

Although you can water your plants a few hours before planting, Steve prefers to water container plants after they've been planted to help the compost settle around the roots. The compost should be kept slightly moist so your window box should be checked regularly and watered when necessary. Position your window box on a ledge in a sunny or lightly shaded area.