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How To Plant Cucumber Vines

How To Plant Cucumber Vines

Fresh home grown cucumbers are delicious. Check out this video about how to grow your own tasty cucumbers organically in the city.

Step 1: Pick your Cucumbers.

I’ve got a bunch of different types of cucumbers here. I’ve got Boothby’s Long, Telegraph Improved, some Boston Pickling cucumbers and Suyo Long cucumbers. I started these a while ago indoors and they have just been hardening outside. I’m just going to line them up the edge of my raised bed.

Step 2: Types of Cucumber:

The first ones are Telegraph Impoved, now Telegraph Improved cucumbers grow to be 18” long and I can’t wait to see them. All of these different varieties of cucumbers are, of course, heirloom varieties of cucumbers. So they are not genetically diverse as they can be.

This next type of cucumber is called Boston Pickling. This Boston Pickling type of cucumber is, again, the heirloom cucumber and is great for pickling. It grows to about 7 to 8” long.

This other of cucumber is called Suyo Long and it’s from China. This Suyo Long cucumber grows to be 18” long.

I have a fourth type of cucumber that I’m planting in this bed. This cucumber is called Boothby’s Long and it comes from Maine. It has been passed down from generation to generation and it is a yellow cucumber. Now this cucumber grows to be about 7 to 8” long and I’m just going to finish up this section here.

Step 3: Be inventive with planting.

Now there may be a lot of you out there saying, “She’s planting these plants way too close together.” That is the beauty of this method. The beauty of this method is that you can plant things closer together. We live in the city; we don’t have a lot of land available to us so we have to come up with unique ways of growing our vegetables and being able to grow a large quantity of them. So I am able to plant all of these plants closer together because using a raised bed and having the live stock on it to really enrich the soil and having a large amount of worms in here, fertilizing the soil and working the soil, allows me to plant the plants this close together. And when I plant these I am planting them so that the dirt and mulch cover the top of these peat pots.