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How To: Plaster Moulding

How To: Plaster Moulding

In this step by step tutorial, Philip Bailey, plastering tutor at South Thames College in London, shows you how to make a ceiling centre from plaster.

You Will Need

  • plaster running mould
  • plaster of paris
  • bucket of water
  • timber and canvas reinforcements
  • plaster mortar
  • shellac
  • grease


Use a running mould made from zinc plate and backed up with timber. On a large table, fit the mould on to a centre pin, surrounded by canvas and timber reinforcements. Cover the table with grease and oil to prevent the mould from sticking.

Pour the plaster over the desired area, to fit the length of the mould. Turn the mould through the plaster. Keep the mould profile clean between each turning. Keep turning the mould and pouring on more plaster, concentrating on the areas where there are hollows. As the plaster stiffens, fill in any gaps with fresh plaster as old plaster will have hardened.

When the mould is finished, pour mortar on top and leave to dry for a couple of days. Once completely dry, pour on some shellac.