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How To Play A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

How To Play A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

British and Irish champion Jason Sugrue demonstrates how to play a forehand drive. The forehand drive is one of the biggest weapons in table tennis; so perfect this shot and become a true table tennis master!

Step 1: Stance

Stand with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart. If you a right handed, your left leg should be a little further in front. If you are left handed, your right leg should be a little further in front. Your knees should be bent, your body slightly forward.

Step 2: Shot

As we watch Jason play the forehand drive, we can split up the shot into three basic positions:

A - The backswing position
B - The striking position
C - The finishing position

Step 3: Backswing

Pivot your hips and shoulders into a backswing. Take the racket back with you along with your body. You arm and body should backswing in one fluid motion into the stroke starting position.

Step 4: Strike

Swing forwards in one integrated motion. At this point transfer your weight from your back leg to your front leg. Accelerate your forearm on striking the ball.

You must strike the ball out in front of you with the racket closed, and taking the ball at the peak of the bounce.

Step 5: Follow through

As you follow through, make sure your paddle is pointing in the direction you want the ball to go. To follow through add about 35 % / 40% of the stroke length after you hit the ball. Don't let the racket swing across your body. It's very easy to swing too hard and end up overshooting the table.

Keep practising the shot in a continuous motion, reversing back to the start position each time.