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How To Play Advanced Pool Shots

How To Play Advanced Pool Shots

Amaze your mates with advanced pool shots such as the stop shot and the back spin. Become an eight-ball pool wizard with these useful tips on how to beat your opponent by using advanced pool shots.

Step 1: What you have learned

So far you have learned how to play some of the basic shots that you need; The Break, The Straight Shot, The Bank Shot, The Slice and The Canon. Now we will go through some of the trickier ones; The Snooker, Backspin, The Stop Shot and The Pocket Rattle. These skills will help you to set up your cue ball after you have made a shot, put your opponent in difficult situations that may cause them to foul, and get yourself out of a tricky situation.

Step 2: The Snooker

This is essentially a simple shot but takes practice to get just right. A Snooker is when it is impossible for a player to shoot for their own colour in a straight line, because the opponent's balls are in the way.
The snooker may leave a player in a position where they have no option but to foul. In this situation the player must play the foul.

Step 3: The Back Spin

Back Spin is a useful shot especially when you need to pot a ball and want the cue ball to finish at the other end of the table for another shot.
To create backspin hit the lower portion of the cue ball with a significant amount of downward force.
The tip of the cue and the ball need to be dry, so always chalk your cue before attempting a backspin shot

Step 4: The Stop Shot

The Stop Shot is when the cue ball stops dead in its tracks upon contact with another ball. This is especially useful when attempting a pot and want to avoid the cue ball following the ball into the pocket.
If the ball you are aiming for and the Cue ball are close to each other, then striking the Cue ball dead in the centre with medium force should stop the cue ball on contact
If the Cue ball is further away then the ball needs to be hit slightly lower than before; Be aware if you hit it too low you may end up with Backspin

Step 5: The Pocket Rattle

This shot is more about showing off as it is quite risky but in some cases it may help you out of a snooker or other tricky situation.
If your ball is lying against or very close to a cushion, then hit the ball towards a corner pocket, make sure you aim at the edge of the pocket. If the shot is played correctly the ball should rattle between the two edges of the pocket and then rebound down the other cushion.

Now you have the skills to take on anyone at a game, but remember pool is a game of skill….practice makes perfect.