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How To Play American Roulette

How To Play American Roulette

A professional casino dealer walks viewers through the basics of American roulette, how to play, some of the odds and terminology, that will get you started on the right track.

Hey, today, we're going to show you the basics of how to play American Roulette. Okay, the first thing you need to determine, when you walk to a roulette table, is how much the chips are worth that you're going to be playing with. The indicator board on the end of each table will let you know how much each of these colored chips is worth.

We'll also run through a few technical terms and the technical term for this is a dolly. And this is what we dolly the winning number with. Okay, the first type of betting we're going to be showing you on the roulette table are what we call the outside bets.

The outside bets divide the board from 0 to 36, into halves or thirds. There normally is a minimum to play the outside. It would normally be a 5-pound minimum.

If you're playing with 2-pound chips then, of course, that's going to be 3 chips. If you want to play high or low, which means any number between 19 and 36, your high numbers win. Between 1 and 18, your low numbers would win.

You might want to divide the board into 2 halves, any black or any red number. So, wherever the dolly lands, if it lands on the black number, and you have chips on black, you're always going to win and this is even money. Anything along the very outside is even money Okay, once everybody has their bets in place, the dealer will then spin the ball.

19 red, winning number was 19, 19 is a red number, always will be. You've bet on black and anything on black loses. And that is how you play American roulette.