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How To Play Badminton

How To Play Badminton

This badminton guide takes you through the basics of the sport, so you can play with confidence even if you're a beginner.

Hi, my name's John Webb. I've been a badminton coach for over fifteen years and I'm going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. I'm going to run through in the next three minutes, a guide, very basic guide, on how to play badminton.

If you're a beginner or new to the sport, you probably come into the sport and play with a friend. You can either be playing singles, so singles court is one person each side, or a in lot of clubs and a lot of tournaments, you can be playing doubles which is two people on this side and two people on that side. But let's just look at singles and how you can get started to play off.

So, you start off with your friend. You start with a coin toss or racquet cross to decide who's going to serve. So, you spin the racquet and one person will call it and that will decide who's going to start.

So to start a game in singles, you'd serve diagonally, right-had side across to the other court. You could serve a low or high serve but the important thing is in the singles, the serve must clear the front boundary line and goes right up to the back boundary line, that's the whole court with these tram lines being out. So, the serve must go within those parameters diagonally.

To win a point or to win the rally, what would happen is the opponent could either hit out of those lines, could either hit it into the net, it could be a double scoop or you can even, if they hit the net or the racquet over, that's a fault, you would win the point. And when you win the point, you would then serve again and you'd move opposite sides and be one lap. The court on the left is when you're actually scoring the opposite points and the court on the right is when you're playing the even points.

And you play to one game, 1 game up to 21, and the first person to win 21 points wins the game. This is a very basic guide just to get you started on how to play badminton.