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How To Play Badminton Doubles

How To Play Badminton Doubles

The best way to play badminton doubles is with strategies for starting positions as well as other tips and hints from John Webb, a badminton coach with over fifteen years of experience.

Hi, my name is John Webb, I've been a badminton coach for over fifteen years, and I'm going to show you some tips on how to pay badminton. Hi, I'm going to talk to you a bit about how to play a good badminton doubles game. You'd find badminton doubles a lot more played at club levels and tournament accounted levels.

Needless to say, there are four peoples, two peoples on either side of the net. In doubles, it's one game up to twenty one points; you will be serving, in doubles, it tends to be more of the low serve, so you're right at the front. So you start by playing a game of doubles with your opponent at the front in the serving position, and your partner choose your in mid court with your racket up just behind your partner.

So your partner keeps all the rear and all the mid court shots, and your partner takes the four court shots. So that's, that's the starting position. Your opponents would be both in their half courts opposite, in this stance.

So that's the very first starting position and that's above all before any points are being played. As I said, the serving doubles tends to be a low serve because you're pushing around the shuttle just over the net so it doesn't go up very far. In doubles, you would tend to play a back hand serve coming round to, just holding the shuttle above the racket because the trajectory of the shuttle just skims over the net and than just lands just in the opponent's course and you're serving diagonally on a low serve.

Now what's in and what's out in doubles, it's a different court, you've got theses tram lines which are in doubles, but for the serve, you just play up to this first line in doubles, anything from there to there is out, so this is, the lines are in and it's right up to back there. So that's the badminton court. And hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of how to play a really good badminton doubles, you would be in your receiving positions, with the colleague serving and you standing behind.

Hopefully that gets you going into some sort of tips on starting positions in badminton doubles. There is a lot more complex tactics and strategies to follow but hopefully, that will get you going in badminton doubles. .