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How To Play DS Games On The 3DS

How To Play DS Games On The 3DS

Although the 3DS is supposedly a much newer 3D-capable portable video game console released quite recently by Japanese video game giant Nintendo, it surprisingly is also capable of playing older Nintendo DS games, both in an "upscaled" mode and in their "native" mode. Watch this two-minute VideoJug clip as video game expert Andy Robertson (creator of the Game People website) shows how to easily do both.

I'm going to tell you how to play DS games on the 3DS. In some ways, it's quite straightforward. You can play DS games on the 3DS.

But there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind. Firstly, if you play a DS games on the 3DS, it gets upscaled to the higher resolution of the 3DS screen, and this can make games' graphics look a little bit smoother. Also, the 3DS has a little bit more horsepower behind it, which means that games sometimes run with less flickering and just look a little bit better.

Now, there are some games that don't suit the upscaling on the 3DS so well. Now, there's a certain way that you can launch DS games on your 3DS that runs them in a native format, and I'll show you how to do that now. Put your DS game into a 3DS slot at the back of the console.

When you open the unit, you'll see the DS game appears on the bottom left of your home screen. To launch this normally, you just tap it. If you want to launch it in a native resolution, hold down start and home and then tap it.

And you'll see the game is running in exactly the same format as it would on an original DS. So, that's how to make the most of DS games on your 3DS. .