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How To Play Duck Duck Goose

How To Play Duck Duck Goose

Play Duck Duck Goose. The children of St Cuthbert's School take you through the rules of the playground game 'Duck Duck Goose'. A running game directed at children.

Step 1: You will need

  • Lots of people to play

Step 2: Sit in a circle

All the players form a circle and sit down in their places.

Step 3: 'It'

One person is 'It'. She walks around the outside of the circle.

Step 4: Say Duck

As she passes the rest of the players, she taps each of their heads and says 'Duck' each time she does.

Step 5: Call Goose

The person who's 'It' continues to go around the circle saying 'Duck' until she decides to tap someone and say 'Goose!' This person has to chase 'It' as she runs back to her place in the circle.

Step 6: A new 'It'

If 'It' reaches her place before she gets tagged, the person chasing her becomes 'it'.
The new 'It' goes around the circle tapping people's heads and saying 'duck' just the same as in the first round.

Step 7: 'It' again

He will call someone 'goose' and be chased back to his place in the circle. If he is tagged, he must be 'It' once more and the person chasing returns to his place in the circle.

Step 8: Done

Play the game in this way as many times as you like.