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How To Play Dueling Banjos

How To Play Dueling Banjos

Most people are familiar with the tune Duelling Banjos made famous by the movie Deliverance. In this VideoJug tutorial Patrick Achtelik will show you how to play the start of this iconic tune!

Alright, now I'm going to show you how to play the start of Duelling Banjos which was made famous by the Deliverance film, and probably one of the most well known Banjo tunes in the world. What I do to play this tune is: to play the main melody, I start on the G string. What it basically does is play a G Major scale up to the D and down again.

The picking I would use is: thumb, index, thumb, index, thumb, index, thumb, index, thumb, index. So I'd basically use two fingers on these strings. What the song does is it wanders up the neck to C and plays the same shape.

Then it moves down again to the open position and finally up to the seventh fret. And then probably the most recognised part of the song is

which is an open G, a C and a G chord again. So if you want to impress your friends at the next barbeque or hootenanny, as they say, learn some of this song.

The next part of this song, the next part of the melody is also quite well known and goes

. However this song, especially after the intro, is very hard to play and it will take years to get it up to speed, so good luck.