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How To Play F1 2011 Game

How To Play F1 2011 Game

Formula 1 2011 is a very interesting and challenging sport to watch and now, we can actually play the same game on the computer.

The popular genre of games is the racing games. Now, these split into simulation and arcade. In the simulation camp, you have games like Forza and Gran Turismo, and a game I'm going to be talking about now, Formula 1 2011.

Getting started on Formula 1 2011, you'll find the main menu, pick the Grand Prix item and that gets you started some quick race. You then get a chance to pick the team you want to race with and then, you have the actual drivers' format team 2011 to select which you do. And then you've got some extra options about how many laps, how difficult it is and whether the weather is going to change as you're racing.

Once you've got that set up, click Continue. Then you get a chance to pick which track you want to race on, add that to the list. Kick start race and you get started.

So, you can see in this circuit in particular, over last year, there's a lot more detail, taking the stands and also the AI of the computer drivers has much improved as well. So, they don't just put a static line, so they are much more like waiting against the real person. It's much more challenging.

See, I'm struggling to hold my place here. The green line I'm trying to follow on the track is indication of where you should be, in terms of position and it also gives indication of how fast you should be going. So if you approach a corner, I've got one coming up ahead, you're going too fast like this.

You can see it's red, it's going to break severely so get back down into the green and then, I know I'm in the right speed to get round this track. You can also change the difficulty setting which depends how much assistance the game gives you. You see now, I've had a collision and it's on easy at the moment.

If I had that on hard, they'll be all sorts of damage and it will cause many more problems than it is on this mode. So, there you go, once you've set yourself up, worked your way through the menus, you can have your first race on Formula 1 2011.