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How To Play Hot Potato

How To Play Hot Potato

Play Hot Potato. The children of St Cuthbert's School take you through the rules of the playground game 'Hot Potato'. A great hand-eye co-ordination game for kids to learn at an early age.

Step 1: For this game you will need

A Ball
Some People To Play

Step 2: Form a circle

Everyone stands in a circle.

Step 3: Pass the ball

The ball is passed around the circle from player to player quite slowly at first.

Step 4: Count down

One person calls out 'Hot Potato' and counts down from 10 to 1. The ball becomes a hot potato that no one wants to hold and gets passed around faster and faster.

Step 5: Down on one knee

The person who is left holding the ball when the counter reaches 1 then has to go down on one knee.

Step 6: Down on two knees

This happens all over again. Whoever ends up with the hot potato must go down on one knee. If a player is left holding the hot potato a second time, they must go down on two knees.

Step 7: Out

If a player catches the hot potato a third time, he's out. As the game goes on, he'll be joined by another player, and another, and more and more players until eventually there will be just two players left in the game.

Step 8: The final round

The ball is passed back and forth between them until one of the players who's out calls 'Hot Potato' and counts down from 10 to 1. The last person left with the potato on the count of 1 loses. The other player wins!

Step 9: Done