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How To Play Iso On Psp

How To Play Iso On Psp

Using ISO, backing up files has never been easier, and it takes up very little space. This video shows how to play ISO on PSP.

So, in this video, I am going to show you how to play ISO's on your PSP. The first thing you need to do is switch on your PSP. Once it's loaded, you will be on the dashboard.

You need to go to the game section, and then scroll down to the memory stick where you have saved your ISO's. Then, click X and then you can scroll all the applications that you have. ISO's are good for PSP's, because they take up a lot less space than carrying them around with the UMD's which go into the back of the PSP.

So, it is kind of like backing up a DVD that you have at home, instead of carrying it around between PC's, just save a copy onto one of them, and then you can carry around the USB stick instead. Once you go to the memory stick, you can just click X again on one of the applications and it runs just like any other game. So, depending on how big the games are and how big your memory stick is, you can fit in quite a few.

I have got a 4 gig memory stick and I can fit 4 games, so roughly estimate one game for one gig. Some can take up to three. The memory stick goes into the side here.

You can just push it back in, as opposed to the UMD going in from the top. And that is how you play ISO's on your PSP. .