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How To Play Lacrosse

How To Play Lacrosse

This sports video takes you through the basic skills you must be equipped with when it comes to playing lacrosse. Then, you'll have every right to be called a lacrosse player.

Hi, my name's Sam. I'm the attacker for Hillcroft Lacrosse Club down the south wing of the Lacrosse League, and today, I'll be talking to just kind of a few basic skills that you'll kind of need to master for you to become a great lacrosse player. So, there are three basics that I consider most important.

I mean, the first one is cradling. Cradling is what we use to – it's kind of like dribbling in football, pretty much like dribbling. Now, if I was to really run it along the lacrosse stick, the ball will kind of bounce up like it's spinning.

So, when we do it, it's called cradling. Cradling is the simple up and down motion, so when you're running, it just keeps the ball in, snug in the stick, because the goal of the game is to check out. So, people are checking there using this motion.

It's kind of a lot harder to get the ball out. And this can be done right handed and left handed on in the skills of lacrosse, one of the other skills is to be a multi-handed player so I like to be able to shoot with my right hand, shoot with my left hand, cradle with my left hand, cradle with my right hand. There are two different types of cradle.

The first one is just the box handed cradle you learn when doing the kit. Just up and down two hands on the stick, a two-handed cradle. As you get more advanced, then you know playing as big as defenders who are very skilful at picking the ball up.

You go for the vertical cradle. That's the same kind of motion but obviously, it's vertical to your body and it's the same motion again, just backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, again helping to retain the ball. Let's say, the second most important skill is footwork.

I mean, lacrosse is all about dodging, turning quickly, you know, accelerating away from your defender. I mean, it's all about – I'll quickly show you. I mean, if you want to do certain dodges as you come in, you know, you do a quick move like that and it's just all about getting separation.

So, the best way of getting footwork is, I mean quite obviously as I was a kid, is get a set of ladders against the floor, just lay them on the floor and then just quickly go all the way down the set of ladders and just repeat that over and over, and it's all about speed, speed of footwork. So, you come by in that with the cradle, that means you can power down the field with a very controlled stick. And then, third skill is kind of two skills in one here, passing and shooting.

The same kind of motions obviously, the only difference is velocity. Now, the basic way to hold a stick is to have, I'd say, bottom hand, if you're right handed, that is bottom hand on the bottom of the stick. I mean, I'd have my right hand, say, about waist distance apart in your stick and then all you have to do, basically, is have your feet against shoulder-width apart and a nice simple motion of just overhand.

We have a push-pull system so your left hand, if you're right handed, will push down and your right hand will push forward, so it's very much a – and that's the basic mechanics of throwing. Straight over arm, and then eventually, you get more skilful, you'll be quick and then over and obviously as you build up the last two and velocity, it goes through a pass to really go in and that will be quite a powerful shot. So, say, those are the keys.

Cradling is essential, quick foot skills and being able to pass and shoot are absolutely essential. So hopefully, you'll have a lot of practice and you'll be able to master these skills and be a great lacrosse player. .