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How To Play Music From Your Computer Through Your TV Speakers

How To Play Music From Your Computer Through Your TV Speakers

Andre Skepple is a TV and Home Sound expert. He will show you step-by-step how easy it is to play music from your home computer or iPod through your TV speakers.

Hello, my name is Andre Skepple. I am the TV and the Home Sound expert at the Micro Anvika Westford branch. Okay, so now to play your music through your television, you've got two ways.

The first way is if you have iTunes or an MP3 player on your computer, you have it connected as we already have with a VGA and a mini-jack, straight into the television itself, choosing correct input, select your track, and listen to your music. The second and the most fulfilling way to listen to your music through your TV system is to do it through your surround-sound system. Now, most new surround-sound systems like this one here will already have something like an iPod or an iPhone dock, so it is simple enough to dock your iPod here and then you just load it onto the screen and you can select what tracks you want to play.

If not, you can connect it straight into the back of the system itself into the audio inputs, using the same jack cables or audio cables from the other device. Play it through. But also some systems like this one may have the ability so you can play it straight from your phone or from your personal MP3 Player so you are able to listen to your music with the best sound possible with the best sound system you can get.