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How To Play Poker

How To Play Poker

These VideoJug tips are great if you're learning to play poker. It explains the real meaning of the game and gives a few suggestions on what tells to watch for.

So, let's have a look a little bit beyond the basics of poker. You've seen hand rankings in other videos here on VideoJug, so let's have a little look at the next level of poker which is not really based on the cards we get dealt or the hands that may be on the table, but how we perceive to have the best hand in poker because obviously, if it goes to showdown - when I say showdown, I mean, your hands gets turned over and you get shown to the rest of the players around the table to see who's got the best five card hand possible - there are situations, and it happens a lot in poker, whereby you can actually bet to a certain level where it appears you've got the best hand but actually, you haven't. You may have nothing.

You may have not even a pair in your hand but you can make other players fold hands better than yours to win the pot. If it was basically just a game for the best five card hand, it wouldn't be much fun and that's what makes poker so enjoyable and so highly played around the world now, whether it be online or live, it's about the tells you're picking up from other players. Maybe their betting patterns.

Maybe their body language. Maybe the way they cough or scratch their ear or something like this. Or based on if you're playing online, obviously, physical tells are difficult, but there may be situations that arise whereby they bet too quickly or they bet very slowly.

There are certain kind of timing tells that you can pick up so sometimes, it's not based on the cards. It's a very psychological, a mental game that you can pick up on certain situations after playing a little bit, and I would say that if you are going to use poker as enjoyment, it's a great fun game to play. Try and pick up a few free roles you can play online.

Get some hands under your belt. Get some volume going to understand how other people play and after you get the feel of the game, you'll start to realize that it's not really based around the cards that you have. Yes, it's great to have pocket aces and flop quads and make straight flushes but you don't get those very often and sometimes, you have to use a little bit of noodle, a little bit of aggression, and a little bit of trickery to become a very good poker player.

And that's what we're trying here today, to get you to do. And that, quite simply, is how you play poker. .