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How To Play Skylander Spyro S Adventure

How To Play Skylander Spyro S Adventure

In this Videojug clip, Andy Robertson, the editor of Game People website, explains the various steps involved in playing the Skylander Spyro S Adventures. He explains the various characters that come in the game, that come as toys, and how to play with it across different platforms.

Now, lots of video games often spin off from a range of toys and we create those toys in the game. I am going to talk to you about the Skylander Spyro S Adventure and how it uses toys in different ways. When you buy the game, it comes packed with three little figures.

The game also comes with a Porto peripheral. The clever thing is when you put the toy figure on the Porto, it instantly appears in the game. As you play, level up your character as you invent it through, the Porto then saves back your progress to the toy.

So, you don't need to worry about saving file. You don't have to worry about menus. It instantly saves it.

When you finished playing, you can take your toy of the Porto. You can then take your toy, that's what you save on it and play that on another console. But the clever thing is you can play on a range of WII or the play station 3.

It doesn't matter which version you have got even in 3ds. Those toy saved files is what is important. Now, the toys themselves, there are 30 of them, and they exist in different families.

If you select all the toys from one particular grouping, say the fire grouping, in the game, the game knows you put them all and it gives you a special bonus when you are playing with those characters. So, in summary, I have told you about the new game. How the toy themselves saves the files and how they work across different console platforms.

So, that's my explanation of Skylander Spyro S Adventure.