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How To Play Squash

How To Play Squash

This video explains the basics of Squash as a sport, in this part, holding the racquet.

Hi, my name is Bob Jaffe. I'm the the director of coaching at Dulwich Squash Club in London. I'm going to talk to you about the equipment you are going to need, the etiquette you are going to use on the court, and the sorts of shots that you are going to need to play, and how you are going to play them.

For the very basic level you are going to need to know how to hold a squash raquet, and this is the grip. The great thing about squash is there is one grip for all shots. What you want to do is hold the racquet in your non playing hand and shake hands with the grip, turn the raquet ever so slightly, as a right handed player, to your hand to the left, so that you are left with a grip that looks something like that.

The key thing to look for is a slight gap between the base of your thumb and your middle finger. If your finger touches the base of your thumb the grip is to small. If you have too big a gap, the grip is too big.

So something like that is ideal.