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How To Play The Forward Defensive

How To Play The Forward Defensive

How To Play The Forward Defensive. Without a strong defensive game, your wicket will not last long. The forward defensive shot is essential to staying in long enough to rack up a big score.

Step 1: When to play

The forward defence is the shot to play against a well bowled ball

Step 2: Lean forward

Lead towards the line of the ball with head and front shoulder. The front leg should stride towards the pitch of the ball, bending to take the weight. The back leg remains straight. There is a short or no backswing.

Step 3: Swing the bat down

The bat should swing down and make contact with the ball beneath the eyes

Step 4: Angle the bat down

The face of the bat should be angled towards the ground

Step 5: Bat and pad

The bat should be slightly forward of the front leg and close to the pad

Step 6: Hold your position

Raise the heel of your back foot and hold your finishing position rather than following through. Keeping the face of the bat angled towards the ground will keep the ball down and will help you avoid being caught out. Not every shot in cricket can be an attacking one - patience is a virtue!

Step 7: Ready to play